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Wlecome to
We would like warmly welcome on website "Stare Silniki". We hope that You will be glad to visit our web again searching new and interesting photos or informations. Please feel free to share your comments on Stare Silniki . Our e-mail adress you can find through "Contact" section, we will do our best to respond to all your questions, tips etc.

English version of "Stare Silniki" (27.03.2010)
From today our website is available for english-language visitors. We've made translation ourself so obviously you can find some errors and mistakes. It wolud be very nice if you report them via email, thanks for your help and kindness! All found mistakes we improve as fast as we manage to. The reasons to translate this website are emails with answers and other offers from different countries.

New photos in Gallery (08.09.2009)
We have added three brand new galleries Deutz, Kolejny MWM (Another MWM motor) oraz Lister

Some old engines from U.S. (05.08.2009)
We are back after a longer break caused a lack of free time and some problems with a internet access. We are preseting you interesting photographies of old motors from U.S. Author of these photos is Mr. Jan M. Hartel, we received photos in Janurary . Thank very much of them Mr. JM Hartel!

Video L.Benz & Spol. and new gallery (11.01.2009)
We proudly present our short movie showing start of Slavia stationary engine. Also we are adding some photos of unnamed brand engine.

New photos in Gallery (04.01.2009)
"Perkun Warszawa 6HP", "Slavia Original Diesel", "Deutz Bauart Grutzner", "Silnik po spalonym młynie" (Engine in burnt mill) , "Lanz Bulldog przy drodze" (Lanz Bulldog alongside the road), "Prospekty" (Brochures), "Straszny Młyn" ("Scary Mill") and "Inne Silniki" (Other engines). We also have made a few minor improvments with website.

New video (04.01.2009)
We have added some files - "LANZ BULLDOG Renowacja" (Renovation), "ZAPOMNIANE MASZYNY " (Forgotten Machines) and "MASZYNY PAROWE" (Steam Engines). Enjoy watching and share your comments!

New section (04.01.2009)
We have made a new section. Informations , we will post there files related to main theme of "Stare Silniki". Our main goal is make Information section a source of any interesting contents realted to our hobbies. Currently you can find there two documents, first files is a short story with a pinch of salt "Złom" and the second one is a scheme showing how sample old engine is build - "Budowa Silnika". More stuff soon!

New layout of "Stare Silniki" site (04.01.2009)
From today we launch modified website, "Stare Silniki" have a new layout . Old version will not be any longer available. All of these changes should make our site more likely to clear view all content. To find more about new graphic version please read About. We are waitnig for your comments!.